American visitor from Idaho

Last month we had a surprise visit from Linda from Idaho USA who was trying to trace her great grandmother who had been buried in one of the guinea-graves in Holbeck Cemetery. This is not always an easy task as some of the guinea graves, which are scattered throughout the cemetery ,   have 40 or more people buried in them.  Luckily Linda had a number –  but could we find it on one of the six foot long cemetery plans where each grave-plot is only  1 centimetre?

After explaining that it might still not be possible to find it, Ken & I  set off , accompanied by her USA friend and Mike, to search in the area we thought it was likely to  be in  . So on showery, rainy morning after much searching /pacing about, there it was  with the name, Mary Asquith, clearly visible. The shower stopped, the sky cleared and the sun came out making it even more spendid for her.

She was so pleased and overjoyed to discover it

It’s such a pleasure for the Friends when everything comes together like it did  this time,  as family history means such a lot, to so many people, nowadays who want to know more about their roots.

Later this month Clive Palmer, from New Zealand, is coming to visit the Longley family grave whose story we have featured on our earlier blog.

We wonder where our next enquirer is coming from .We do have Australian members so you never know, they may be along soon!!.



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