New Zealander Clive discovers even more ancestors in Holbeck Cemetery

 Clive & Merrilee Palmer from New Zealander finally arrived to search for their family tree  and discovered  even more branches !!

FOHC member Ken writes the following great blog about the visit ( I was on holiday and sadly missed this meeting :Eve Tidswell)

Visit by family to the Longley Graves in Holbeck Cemetery

 On the 24th July this year my wife Sandra and I welcomed Merrilee and Clive Palmer from New Zealand and their cousin James Longley of York to Holbeck Cemetery with a view to providing assistance in their task of doing a Longley Family Tree, fortunately the weather was good.

Firstly, we showed them to the two gravestones that had been found and of which they had photographs, these were seen on an earlier blog, and after taking photographs and making notes we hunted round and found two more gravestones, this was accomplished with the help  of a spade borrowed from two monumental masons working in the cemetery (thanks lads). These proved to be a link in the chain from James Longley’s family; everybody seemed pleased by their morning’s endeavors.

Photo : left to right  shows Merrilee & Clive Palmer with James Longley

Before departing the family took photographs of Leeds from the viewing platform at the cemetery and we showed them Cad Beeston Manor 



New grave stones found at Holbeck Cemetery


Longley’s was a long established bed/bedding manufacturer; Joseph Longley started the business in 1835 with the original premises being at Nos. 51 and 52 Lands Lane. In 1902, Lands Lane was redeveloped and they built new premises at No. 6 Lands Lane, the building is still there and is known as Pret a Manger opposite W.H. Smiths, the name Longley can still be seen on the top facing. They also had manufacturing premises on the corner of Harper Street and New York Street these premises are also still there and are numbered 22 to 38 New York Street. It seems that ex-employees also started similar companies in Leeds after learning their trade at Longley’s.

Unfortunately the company was wound up in July 1965 although the buildings are still in the family in a Trust.

Ken Burton


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