ABC at the cemetery

Asda volunteers help Vivienne near the viewpoint

Asda volunteers help Vivienne near the viwpoint

href=””>baby oak tree in the mist baby oak tree in the mist[/caption]
A = Asda
B= Beeston in Bloom
C= Cemetery Friends (Of Holbeck)
Mix it all together on a misty October morning and what do you get?
A great working party to plant locally grown trees.
Local members of Beeston in Bloom have been growing baby trees at home in pots and now it was the beginning of term for the babies to greet the big wild world of Holbeck Cemetery and spread their branches.
There were oak trees, horse chestnuts, silver birch and hazel which were all added to the other trees in Holbeck Cemetery to make it a more beautiful place for visitors, now and in the future.
A team from Asda, Leeds were there to help clear the area and plant near the viewing platform while the rest of us planted in various areas near the centre oval.
Check out the photos of the proud planters
Thanks again to Beeston in Bloom for organising it

Christine with the oak tree

Christine with the oak tree


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We're a Friends group looking after a beautiful Victorian cemetery
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