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Commonwealth War grave

Commonwealth War grave

On Sunday 17th November 14 adults, young people and children met in Holbeck Cemetery to remember some of the people who died in conflicts in WW1 and WW2.
We heard about their family backgrounds and the regiments that they had served in, we even remembered someone whose grave we could not find. One of the children, Grace , laid a bunch of flowers and a small wooden cross on each of the graves that we visited. Finally we all stood at the Cross of Remembrance and took it in turns to read all the names of those who are remembered in Holbeck Cemetery. This year we had a new name to add to the list as one of our party told us of her relative who is buried here.
We heard about a young flier who had originally joined the KOYLI and then transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, perhaps as it seems more exciting, even though fliers were known as “the 17 minuters” for obvious reasons.
There were young men from rich business families who had been training to take over the business before it was interrupted by WW1. George Wilson , who owned Wilson and Sons, Victoria Screw Works in Leeds, lost two sons , Wilfred in 1917 and his younger brother, John Bell Wilson after the war in 1919, probably from his wounds.
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We looked at a stone that commemorates Joseph Hargrave, aged just 20 years who died as a POW in 1918.
The other people we remembered were from various backgrounds but we thought about their families and the great loss that they had suffered. Most of the people we talked about came from Leeds and some were remembered on the distinctive white Commonwealth War Graves, others on family memorials.
FOHC feel that it is important to have an annual Remembrance Walk as, “Remembrance is important, because, by looking back and remembering , we can learn from the past and shape a peaceful future”*
* quote from The Royal; British Legion.
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