Horsing about in the cemetery

Holbeck Cemetery had a visitor on Wednesday morning ; well that is nothing new as we get a great many visitors trying to locate their ancestor’s plots for their family history. but this visitor was a bit different and very out of the ordinary. For a start he had four legs and wasn’t on a lead having a walk through the grounds with his owner.In fact there was no sight of his owner when David Hebden drove past, he was just there, enjoying the view in the safety of the cemetery.

Horse in Holbeck cemetery
Yes the visitor was a horse as you can see by the photo that David kindly took for evidence !!
Is this a new grass-cutting policy by LCC parks department?
We do know that sheep were often used in cemeteries in Victorian times to keep down the grass and we have documents supporting how the hay from the cemetery was sold to farmers every summer as extra income for the Council.
Are we providing historic pony-trekking tours around the cemetery ? Sadly our tours will still be on foot and wherever this horse came from he has set off back into the sunset to bore his horsey friends with tales of the wonderful history he discovered in Holbeck Cemetery


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