TV Made in Leeds takes an interest

After a really exciting and very busy Heritage Open Day with about 50 people dropping in to see us and explore Holbeck Cemetery we thought that was it for this month but it was not to be.
We had a phone call from Beth Krysta Wilson who works for Made in Leeds , which is a fairly new TV station, interested in local stories who wanted to talk to Ken Burton and myself about the cemetery.
Heitage Open Day
Heritage Open Day visitors get ready to look around the cemetery

We had been worried that the cemetery would not look its best if it was a rainy or windy day but thankfully Tuesday was a nice sunny day. Great atmospheric clouds added to the artistic views as we sat chatting about how The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery had started and talked about some of the events we conducted and a little history about some of the interesting and important monuments.

Made in Leeds Hol Cem (2)

It is always interesting to hear about how people get to know about the cemetery and the cameraman explained that he had filmed there before for the opening credits of the new TV station. I had to confess that I had never seen these on the TV even though I do watch the channel.
Beth was very easy to talk to and was genuinely interested in the stories we had to share. Ken then took them to see the oldest memorial in the cemetery, which is always a puzzle to visitors as it is older than Holbeck Cemetery, being brought from St Pauls in Park Square when that church was demolished.
After taking some photos for FOHC’s archives they left to do some more filming around the cemetery.
When we started as a Friends group in 2001 we never realised what interesting people we would meet, on our walks, talks, tours, conferences. Heritage Open Days and with the media. It makes all the hard work worthwhile to see people interested in this once forgotten and abandoned site in South Leeds. Do come and check out this interesting cemetery for yourselves.
Our next walk will be our Remembrance Walk on SUNDAY 15th November at 2pm and everyone is welcome, more details later.
Hoping the programme will be part of Made in Leeds TV- The Book It List aired on Wednesday 23rd at 6:30 and 9:30. You will also be able to access it on their website.


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