Gentleman Joshua Horner Robinson

Gentleman Joshua Horner Robinson 1816-1891

The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery get a great many enquirers from relatives seeking information about their ancestors and some we can help. The other day an email arrived from Helen asking for information about her great, great, great, grandfather and his wife and sons who are buried in the cemetery. Thankfully they feature on FOHC’s limited database taken from the original grave receipt-books from 1857. We also found that the son had also purchased another plot.Another plot nearby is to his daughter Hannah Walker

This led to Helen telling us a bit more  about her ancestors history in Holbeck, with more information promised later. So here is a ‘taster’ based on Helen’s information.

Joshua Horner Robinson lived at Wellington House, Mill Green Holbeck when he purchased three grave-plots, 9433, 9434, 9435, on 23rd September 1880 at the cost of £3 per plot. He needed the three plots together because he was having a grand memorial erected for his family and his wife, Maria , who had recently died  on 16th June 1880.

Robinson obelist1

Joshua Horner Robinson was a wealthy man when he died on 1891, leaving £140,000, a huge sum of money at that time . His elder son, also named Joshua Horner, who was living in Balm Walk at the time of his father’s death in 1891, did not inherit the lump sum and was effectively disinherited . although the money was put in trust for him to have an income from,so perhaps he was feeling a bit better off and purchased a plot of his own .

Joshua senior’s funeral on 8th May 1891 was very grand affair as noted in the daily paper.

The obituary reads:-

The late Joshua Horner Robinson. The internment of the remains of this gentleman took place on Tuesday afternoon at Holbeck Cemetery. A large assembly of relatives, friends and work people were present, and there were seventeen  coaches and carriages in the funeral cortege. Mr Robinson, who resided at Mill Green nearly all his life, was a well-known man of business, though not in the ordinary sense a public man. He had entered his 75th year . He was for many years a maltster and corn-miller, and had recently become connected with the cloth mans’ business. Mr Robinson is reputed to have died a rich man, and left behind him five sons and one daughter  to mourn his loss. The Revd. O Cookson officiated at the graveside.Mr W Swales was the undertaker.

Helen notes that this report was a little inaccurate as he had more surviving children

Robinson WalkerThis plot is for his daughter Hannah Walker

***NOTE-£140,000 in  1891 would be the equivalent of about £16,8000,000 in today’s money. Joshua  was definitely a rich man when he died****

 It would be interesting to discover just how he became so rich; was it as a maltster, a corn-miller or with the cloth mans’ business?Maybe Helen will tell us more tantalising tales of her ancestors


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